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—Ryan Adams fixes his hair in Brian Lima’s lens just before taken the stage at the 2014 Newport Folk Festival. Josh Wool captured the scene from a different perspective.

Anonymous asked: you got your wish! ryan's coming to san francisco!

OMFG. I just checked his Facebook. 

Ryan Adams is playing the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival on October 3rd. That’s a gosh darn FREE festival. I am there. Goodbye, world. 

Anonymous asked: as a 20 something from the bay that still reads ryden, i love you.

ILY too. Come off Anon, we can be 20-something year old, Ryden reading friends. 

Anonymous asked: What did you think of the G/G/B's directors cut video? (oh god I loved it so much)

Yeah, I enjoyed it too but the reaction to the video kinda rubbed me up the wrong way!

I saw it as nothing more than a little light titillation, something sexy which I could definitely get behind if you know what I mean (hot damn) 

Idk, maybe it just takes a lot more than two women making out in their underwear in a music video for a song that’s ABOUT bisexuality to enrage me. I think there’s way, way more important things in the world to be angry about.

I didn’t think it was gratuitous. G/G/B ain’t no Northern Downpour. The song is literally about how women can “love girls and boys” and that “love is not a choice”, right? And those women were wearing more clothes than Brendon!

I think Panic has always had sexual lyrics and so much of their fan base and the attention they get as a band is generated around the whole “stage gay” thing that Brendon at least, has been permeating for years. Let’s see, no one was complaining about the original video, everyone wanted the camera to slip a little lower, people were making Ryden edits and writing fanfiction, right?

I just think it’s such a double standard to actively ship these men and then get angry when the roles are reversed. I don’t get it. I enjoyed it. I thought it was sexy and fun, nothing to get too upset about.


Gabe Saporta


New Video!

Les Misérables Highlights at Dallas Theater Center

Ryan, wtf, are you going to release better tour dates any time soon or what?


leo needs to hire a new life coach rn he is in shambles 

  • running around with super soakers with his ass hanging out
  • swimming in his dirty boxers
  • cheering on irrelevant, c-list hobbits fighting each other

leo needs jesus rn

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